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At Papantoniou bakeries, our primary concern is to ensure consistent quality across our entire product range and compliance with health and safety requirements in every step of the process from production to distribution.

The Company has adopted the Management System of Food Safety for manufacturing, warehousing, storage and distributing confectionery and pastry products, certified by the CCC Agency (Cyprus Certification Company) and is in full accordance with the EU regulations as well as the strict requirements of the International Standards of hygiene and food safety.

We currently possess both certification marks provided by the most prestigious International Organizations and accreditations from European Institutions. Our “portfolio” includes the International Standards of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and IQNET.

With strict principles and quality control as well as with high standards of professionalism and expertise, our company has created a wide range of unparalleled products which, once tasted, they become a part of our lives!


Perhaps the greatest advantage of Papantoniou Bakeries over its rivals involves the unique process of having the baked goods go from the kneading straight to the baking stage, thus ensuring the highest possible quality. Even with the mass production for the daily supply of our merchandisers, the company strictly follows the traditional methods of preparation and in no case do we speak of an ordinary, manufactured unit by a simple standardized production of huge quantities of questionable quality products. In Papantoniou Bakeries, all products are kneaded and baked on the same day, ensuring top quality and freshness.

All bakery and confectionery products are handmade, retaining all the authentic traditional flavours.


An important element of the whole manufacturing process is the authenticity in the origin of raw materials. For Papantoniou Bakeries the slogan “THINK GLOBALLY – BUY LOCALLY” is merely for advertising purposes. Our Company invests in the domestic market and focuses on the Cypriot producer. It maintains exclusive partnerships with certified and audited local suppliers of raw materials. From flour, seeds, wheat, oil, milk and dairy products, to meat and eggs… they are all 100% rustic and local!

Mitsides Ltd, Kyr. Karayiannis & Sons Ltd, Takis Palaoundas Ltd, Angeo & Co Ltd, Alibest (Andreas Stilianidis), Chrikar Trading Co Ltd, A & G Kokkinos Ltd, Nicos Tsafos Trading Ltd, Savvas X “Giorki & Sons Ltd, Ambrosia Oils (1976) Ltd are only a few from a vast network of reliable partners – suppliers.

From the supply and storage of raw materials to the final stage of production and distribution in PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES, rigorous systematic internal audits and site inspections are conducted by our external specialized partners to ensure quality, hygiene and food safety, in constant accordance with EU regulations, and the requirements of International Standards and the HACCP System.

Counting back from 2007 until today, Papantoniou Bakeries features all the “safety valves” and invests in a high level of quality making the company stand out!